Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marble Hornets Season 2

This was just posted on J's twitter:

There are few words available to me to accurately show the depth of my reaction to this, so let's settle with "[Expletive of the reader's choice] YEAH!!!"


    New Marble Hornets update. I have homework so I expect you to decipher what the tallies mean.

  2. 23. Hopefully a date (November 23rd) Possibly just screwing with us by throwing random numbers up.
    Small chance it's somehow related to Entry 23.

  3. Would you mind uploading the story you mentioned in your previous post here? I'd love to read it.

  4. I plan to do so when I get a chance to edit it, which will likely be between Thursday-Saturday.

  5. Schweet. Also, Its your Very Own is Not An ARG.
    IVe talked to Shiloh.

  6. Really? Shame. I liked It's Your Very Own. Every time I saw the title, I got such a happy feeling inside, because It was my very own!
    Said feeling usually left once I actually started reading and realized what was going on, but at least I had that moment of joy.