Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Noes The Creepy!!!11

Not much to see here. I just wanted to say that I, for some suicidally idiotic reason, have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, which on top of my already overwhelming school work, means the chances of me finding free time to sit down and write a full post are slim. If the opportunity does present itself, I will write something in full detail, but it’s much more likely that any posts from me will be short, or nonexistent. Once November is over, I intend to return to writing as much as I was previously, but don’t expect much during the course of the month.

But enough of that. How’s about some unrelated Slender Man creepiness.
That Slender Man short story I said I wrote? We discussed it today in my Creative Writing class. But when I uploaded it onto a school computer so I could print out copies, the entire last line of the story, right before it’s implied the narrator is killed/taken by Slendy, had been completely messed up. Letters were replaced with white boxes or random symbols, and instead of just being a single line, it was a page and a half of nonsensical gibberish. When the other students printed out their copies, the degree to which the text had been messed with varied. Half had extreme changes similar to mine, the other half only had minor changes (making the text still legible, if weird looking), and only one guy got a clean copy. Coincidentally, that one guy was the only other person who had heard of Slender Man before.
I would be a bit terrified right now were it not for the likelihood that the changes were probably caused by incompatibility between the font I used in that last line, and the school computers’ older version of Word. Probably.

And for some silliness, here's a parody of the latest EverymanHYBRID entry:


  1. Huh. Another informative Slenderblog where the blogger starts NaNoWriMo but breaks hiatus because waaaaaaaaaait, Omega? You've read my blog, haven't you?

    Well, what you've got going on here than my blog. Darn. That's probably because you've read so much more. Anyway, I'd love it if you continued chipping in a bit of help on my blog like you have, and I'll help however I can here.

  2. Of course I'll keep chipping in whenever I can on your blog. I always love reading other information based blogs; it helps give me insight that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.