Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Were this a perfect world, I would have found all the materials I required to create a Slender Man costume for Halloween, and would have spent the night having a wonderfully fun time kidnapping children. Sadly, this was not the case, so instead of dressing as Slender Man, I decided to hunt him down. After all, according to Robert (Sage), he was weakened on that day. Most of the night consisted of me and two other friends running around dark forests, snapping creepy looking pictures, then pointing at a random patch of shadows whilst shouting “Look! He’s right there!”, and then running off in the direction we’d pointed.

I would have posted these pictures sooner, but my camera isn’t compatible with Vista, so I had to go through the infinitely enjoyable process of trying to get our school computers to work.

These were my basic tools: Hoodie with an operator symbol, flashlight, notebook with creepy messages, and a sword. My original plan was for a baseball bat instead of a sword, as a homage to Evan’s recent attempts to kill Slendy with one, but baseball bats cost money (is it sad that I don’t own a single baseball bat, but have easy access to multiple swords?).

Me in uniform. This is probably the most sadistic/evil looking picture I’ve had taken of me. I think I like it.

We had a bit of fun here. After deciding to investigate an empty playground (Slendy seems to love playgrounds), we noticed someone had written some garbled words on the swing set. In the fine tradition of ARGs, we declared that it must be a vague clue which required our investigation.
Some creepiness occurred when we tried to photograph the actual words; both cameras we were using simultaneously died before any shots could be taken. They started working again later, but we never bothered to go back and photograph the words.
In case any overzealous ARG players out there are in need of nonsensical phrase they can claim to be a puzzle that needs solving, the words were (in pink chalk):

Another fun moment. This picture was taken a few seconds after one of us coughed to clear his throat. It was instantly declared to be a sign that Slender Man was near, and we all went charging into the darkness to find and do battle with him.
I’m surprised I didn’t get questioned by the police for waving a sword around in public while running and shouting.


  1. Once, I might've said you're mocking those in plight, but now I think that 'getting over' the fear of TDF is probably the way to go. I did look over your pics, didn't see anyone thin in the background, but then again I'm mostly colorblind, so take that as its worth.

  2. Humor often is the best way to counter something which frightens you. That's why we have things like the Splendorman video, EverymanFORTRESS, or the $20 meme. It's harder to be frightened by something which you can make fun of.

  3. As silly as it sounds, the $20 meme made it horrifying in the long run. Whenever my mind was idle, into my head would come "No wifin' in the club, gimme twenty dollars, gimme twenty dollars" and I'd be like "SHIIIIIIIIIT! SLENDERMAN IS OUT AND ABOUT RIGHT NOW! LOCK THE DOORS! CLOSE THE BLINDS!!"

  4. Huh. Funny enough, the gaps between the trees on the first picture to your right look kind of like long legs and a lower body. But that might just be me.