Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Perhaps if I wasn't busy writing essays on Hitler, Virginia Woolf, and King Edward II, you'd get a full post now.
I might even discuss an interesting detail I was just reminded of this morning on another blog ("Beneath Stone Skies" mentioning how in original Core Theory, Halloween was like a mini-Solstice).
I could go into the fact that my headphones haven't stopped making weird MH style distortion noises this entire day.
Or maybe I'd just go on another Slender Hunting adventure.

But since I lack the time for any of those, you're just getting a video made by BanishedZaber which goes with the season.

Happy Halloween.


  1. This blog has helped me a lot.
    Lord knows I need to change a few things up though...

  2. Happy Halloween Omega. Someone dressed as Slendy already came and collected candy from here.

    I really hope that was a costume anyways...

  3. Happy Halloween Omega! I met a child wearing a homemade Masky mask! Cutest thing I've ever seen.

  4. Happy All Hallow's Eve, Omega!


  5. Omega. I'm sorry to plug myself in such a manner, but, I need assistance.

    On my blog, SlenderSword, I'm researching every single possible solution to killing the Slender Man. I can't do everything, though; I need someone to collect new information from other blogs and post findings on what is hurting the construct and what isn't doing jack.

    I'm looking for a mythos researcher, too, someone to scour through what remains of other myths to find a connection between some things and Slender Man. Old myths, like the Norse mythology.

    May your soul be uncorrupted by that which light flees from, and may They watch over us all.

  6. I took a few freinds through the woods tonight, it was a ridicously enjoyable experince. And thanks for re-linking the vedio, also a ridicously enjoyable experince. Have a happy Halloween, Scribe, and remember to be sceptical of the motivations of anyone in formalwear.

    See you around