Friday, September 23, 2011

One Whole Year

Good heavens, has it really been a year? When I started out, I was assuming this blog would last six months tops, and then I’d move on to some other cool internet fad (Like Ponies!). Instead, I’m still here writing stuff. Admittedly at a much slower pace than when I started out, but that’s largely because so much of my time is going to other Slender Man projects.

Things have changed so much since then. There’s been an explosion in Slender Man’s popularity, growing from a handful of vlogs and blogs to hundreds of stories, spread across all sorts of media. The ‘verse has gone from a few scattered creators and fans to a full community (We even have our own memes now! Ones that have nothing to do with $20!)

It’s been a fun time for everyone (except for those of us who were killed), and I’m looking forward to more Slender Man stories, and getting to see whatever crazy directions the Mythos takes.

So, yeah. Happy birthday Encyclopedia Slenderia.


  1. I do have a post currently in the works (a real one, not a "Wheee, happy birthday!" one), which I want to get up before the end of the month. However, I recently have remembered that I still have school to take care of, which may delay it a bit. Should be up soon-ish, though.

  2. OUT OF GAME: XD I love slenderblogging. It's such a fun escape. I've actually tried to incorporate some of the subtle "do's and don'ts" that you hint at.
    And no way, there are memes that DON'T have to do with $20!?
    But Happy Birthday Encyclopedia Slenderia, here's to many more! :D

  3. Happy Birthday Slenderia, and here's hoping for many more... Unless slendy becomes real and kills Omega. But really, what are the odds? XD

  4. Given the number of CREEPY OCCURRENCES (TM) which I have experienced in the last week, I'd put those odds between "Pretty likely" and "Oh god he's already at my window"

  5. Thanks for everything Omega. And happy birthday Slenderia!

    It's been such a useful tool. I don't think I would have had the confidence to start blogging without this stash of information.

    @Tori: "Hey guys. Can I be in your movie?"