Saturday, February 19, 2011

Computer Woes

On Tuesday, my laptop suddenly decided to commit seppuku and stop working. I've been spending most of the week trying to get it to work again,and only recently have (mostly be shouting "SCREW YOU VISTA!" and then upgrading to Windows 7).

However, I wasn't able to save all my files when I did the fix. While most of my documents were salvageable, I lost my Firefox bookmarks information. Which means I have to rebuild my entire collection of Slender Man links from scratch, and reorganize them. Plus, I've missed most of a weeks worth of stuff going on in the Mythos which needs to be caught up with.

The consequence of this is that the post I was planning to have up by last Thursday won't be coming until next week, as much of my free time is now being spent shouting at a piece of hardware. Hopefully all the major problems will have been dealt with, and this will all just be cleanup. If not, and I run into even more obstacles.... Well, then I'm going to have to burn down an orphanage.

You hear that, compy? You better not screw with me anymore, or that orphanage will be on your conscience!


  1. "Look, I told your captain already, that orphanage attacked /me/! It was self-defense!"

    *wavewave* Heyyy, guess who's alive? Vaguely, anyway...xD;;; It's been months since you poked at my blog, but I figured you deserved a response. Soooo yeah. When my life finally calms down a little, I'll definitely get back to working on my own blog--and do you mind if I borrow yours as reference sometimes? 83

  2. Sure, go right ahead; I don't mind at all. I'm looking forward to see your blog active again!