Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slendy and the Slenderproxies: Great Band Name, or Greatest Band Name?

Yes, I said my next post would be about Just Another Fool. Yes, I am a filthy, dirty, worthless liar. I’m currently lacking in the time to do a full post over the blog, and as such, need to make do with this much shorter post over something completely different. So sue me. Better yet, don’t sue me. At all. Ever.

I am sure you will all be surprised to hear that our Slender Man has now entered the field of music, adding yet another talent to his vast repertoire. You could perhaps call him a Renaissance Slender Man (actually, don’t call him that at all, as it is a horrible joke).


I’m not exactly the best person to be picked for music reviews; my field of study is in picking apart literature, not sound. I’ll do my best to at least give an idea of what the music is, so that this post isn’t entirely useless.

The music of The Slender Man could best be described as what happens when you take the audio distortions caused by Slender Man, and then put them to a tune. In some cases this is more pronounced than others; the song “I Am” is almost entirely made of distortions, whereas “Clouds” is more melodious. The songs tend to be very slow, and would almost be relaxing if it weren’t for the creepy undertone present in them. The music does match the majority of Slender Man’s portrayals very well; it’s a quiet, creeping horror, made from the knowledge that something isn’t quite right. I could imagine hearing the music being played in the background of a Slender Man movie, or being used as a backdrop to a scene from an ARG. The songs do suffer in that many of them sound very similar; while the tune may be different, the tone is the same for the majority of the music. Keep in mind while listening that, just because something has a nice sounding title, doesn’t mean it will sound nice, happy, and calming (“Sunset”…. Oh god, “Sunset”….)

Again, I’m not the best in terms of musical analysis. Perhaps I’ll be able to grab someone who is and have them do a more in depth look at the music of The Slender Man. If you want to know whether it’s good or not, well, the links are at the bottom of the page. Click on them.

We can also reasonably assume that, in spite of what the creator may say, there is no way that any ARG is going to accept Slender Man making these songs as canon. Except possibly Slenderous, but that really doesn’t count, as it’s a parody blog.

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Unrelated note: In my second post, I made the claim that no one had successfully hurt Slender Man, or at least not documented any successes. I have now come to the knowledge that this is not entirely true; Robert Sage of White Elephants has, and I quote, “I(Sage) made that fucker scream in pain.” Unfortunately, the method to do so was fairly convoluted, and would be difficult to mimic. (He drove Slender Man away at one point by spraying him with a fire extinguisher. This left behind traces of a substance, which he used to create an operator symbol on the ground by where Slendy would usually appear. When Slendy stepped on the symbol, there was a sound like “a cat being dragged across a blackboard, clawing and yowling”, after which, Slendy had left). However, subsequent attempts to drive Slender Man away using fire extinguishers in Anomalous Data proved unsuccessful. So don’t try that sort of thing at home, kids.

As for research/reading, I’ve finished In My Head, and caught up with CANYOUSEETHEWORDS, A Lack of Lexicon, Defining?, Scared, Innocuousenough’s Blog, Slenderous, and My Name is Zytherys. I have also caught up with Cold Feelings, A Rainbow Life, Do you need Doctor’s help?, Vengeance, Dreamer, and Alchemy is Wonderful; however, these appear to be inactive.


  1. How does Slenderman scream in pain if he has no mouth? o.o

  2. Maybe it's an otherworldly shriek that is heard within the mind. I haven't read the source material... But, it could be.